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"A day without laughter is a day wasted".                             

       -Charlie Chaplin

Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School


Gradient Ocean

We utilize the unique Learning systems curriculum 

Keyboard and Mouse
LINKS subjects

-In LINKS we learn all about ELA, Math, History, Science, and social/emotional skills.

ABOUT Mr. Fernandez

Hello! This is my second year teaching in a LINKS classroom and I can't wait to see all of your faces.

Fun facts about myself:

-I love playing video games.

-I love making people laugh.

-I am in the middle of getting my masters degree.

-I used to go to Chestnut Middle School when I was younger! (WOW!)

Bar Chart

CONTACT Mr. Fernandez


Chestnut Talented and Gifted Middle School 

355 Plainfield Street, Springfield MA 01104

School Phone: 413-750-2333

Email is my preferred method of communication.  I will try to respond to all emails within one business day.  

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